Family in Need of your Help- Update: House rebuild nearly complete

Original post: 29/01/2021

We are raising money for a Libyan family who lost their father and breadwinner in 2004. The family is made up of a mother, four daughters and a young boy. Due to an administrative error, they have not been receiving their late father’s social security pension and are in dire need of help. We hope that their situation will improve, God willing. One of the girls is a pharmacist but has not managed to get a job despite her good grades.

The house has a roof of corrugated iron, which lets the rainwater in, and the walls are weak and cracked. We only need £3,000 to build a small house for them. Your donation will make a big difference, donate today.

Updated: 29/03/2021

Thanks to your donations, we have nearly completed building this house. We still need your help though so don’t hesitate to donate today.




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