Internally displaced people

Why is this project important?

According to UNOCHA, in 2019;

  • 39,000 IDPs were in need of education
  • 118,000 IDPs were in need of health care
  • 77,000 IDPs were in need of shelter

Some IDPs have been lucky enough to escape their war-torn cities to flee to safer regions. After leaving their livelihoods behind, families struggle to keep up with the cost of rent in their new areas.

What we have achieved so far

In 2019 we:

  • Donated 55,000 dinar to help internally displaced people in Tajura and Janzour.


What you can do to help


Help settle a family today and pay it forward. Your donation means that children who have left everything behind will have a place to call home again. Be part of their story.

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