Libya Corona Crisis

Libya Corona Crisis

Here in the UK, we have a government funded healthcare system that has quite a high capacity and we are still struggling with the rising cases of COVID-19. Now imagine that we did not have this robust system with the current pandemic. You do not need to imagine because this scenario is already taking place in Libya. Coupled with the ongoing civil war, this makes things twice as difficult.


The good news is that, since the outbreak of this devastating COVID-19 pandemic, we have managed to provide some vital help to the people of Libya. Below are some of the things Lifeline help has already achieved.


  • Lifeline help has already helped Qira rural hospital with lifesaving PPE. This means that doctors are could protect themselves and their immediate communities while treating the most vulnerable.


  • Additionally, Libyan help has cooperated with other doctors and healthcare professionals from the UK, Germany and Australia to provide world-class training to doctors in Libya helping to create a medical protocol for treating the virus.



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