This is another house destroyed by the war in southern Tripoli for a family of eleven. Unfortunately, the father has cancer and has limited income. The family lives since the war in a room in a private school to this day.
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This house is for a woman and four orphans. The roof of the upper floor was hit by a missile, the house burned down, and requires maintenance for the ceiling and walls at the site of the attack

One of the Libyan families lives here … a mother, four daughters and a young boy whose orphans their father passed away in 2004 and they have no salary as their income from the social security stopped with the death of their father.. This is one of the Libyans ’misfortunes: corruption and lack of justice. We hope that their situation will improve, God willing. One of the girls is a pharmacist, but she did not get a job despite her superiority. The house is covered with metal sheathes and rain is coming through the walls as they are broken. With your donation we are trying to complete a small house for them. Donate through the charity account please.

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