Medical relief

Medical Relief

Why is this project important?

According to UNOCHA, In Libya, there are 526,000 people in need of health care of which 118,000 are internally displaced people and 184,000 are migrants from other countries.

At Lifeline help, we specialise in delivering medical aid to the needy. Libya has a unique situation in comparison to other countries. It has endured war, poverty, and much instability. Our top priority is to provide medical assistance to those who need it.

Below is timeline of some of the things that we have achieved already.

What we have achieved so far:

In 2020 we:


  • Supplied 43 kidney dialysis machines to various places in Libya including Sebha, Ghadwa & Rural Awateh medical centre and supplied 3 others to a COVID isolation centre in Tripoli.
  • Fundraised for a $5000 wheelchair for a doctor in need.
  • Provided just under 10,000 Libyan dinars delivered to a rural hospital.
  • Lead an international co-operation to help with developing a medical protocol for COVID.


In 2019 we :

  • Delivered endoscopy machines to a hospital in Sebha.
  • Supplied a portable oxygen concentrator to a centre for management of respiratory diseases.
  • Supplied a CPAP machine to Tripoli Medical Centre for use in the ICU unit.
  • Delivered 35,000 Libyan dinars worth of Anaesthetic equipment to emergency and ICU units.
  • Performed free eye examinations in Harabah hospital for 234 people by a specialist eye surgery team.


In 2018 we:

  • Purchased mobile eye clinic equipment for use in the south of Libya where people cannot reach hospitals easily. 451 people were checked free.
  • Donated 130,000 Libyan dinars to help with heart operations. This means we have been able to help 25 children get their open-heart surgeries.
  • Helped a young cancer patient with his third cycle of treatment.
  • Supplied more than 10,000 dinars of anaesthetic equipment for emergencies and the ICU unit.


In 2016/2017 we:

  • Supplied 40,000 Libyan dinars to Tripoli Medical Centre for anaesthetic equipment.


How you can help


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