Students in our school in Khirbet Al-Jouz

This video shows pupils in our sponsored school in khirbet-al jouz, Idleb province, Syria applying their English classes to theatrical performances.
The school has 400 registered students who all come from the nearby refugee camp of Farooq in the surrounding hilly areas close to the Turkish border.

Our goal is to increase education in an area that has 5000 potential students from 3000 families. From the 400 pupils in our school, 100 have already dropped out. We aim to bring in more students through the commencement of programs such as drama, scouts and other extra-curricular activities.

The school is currently under construction and consists of a large 225m squared tent and small brick and mortar buildings with a playground that is being added. This will serve as a space for many of our planned activities so that students have a positive platform of expression after years of suppression and a lack of a creative space. We aim to empower children to create a future for themselves and prevent them from being exploited in labor groups or trafficking.

Thanks to our donors we are on our way to making this happen but we still need your help. Continue to follow our progress, and news.

We still.need donations for our work so work yourselves into being a part of a child’s future.

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