Yafa House for Adolescents with Autism

The Yafa’in House, Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of children with autism, is in the Tajoura region. The centre cares for several adolescents who live away from home and is supported by social security. Lifeline help has supported the Yafa house by purchasing recreational resources worth 4000 Libyan dinar, in addition to purchasing winter clothes and supplies worth 4000 Libyan dinars. There is no doubt that those in charge go above and beyond the limits of their job to provide tenderness, care, and support to those deprived of living with their own parents. Although they try to get by with the little that they have, they still need so much more.

We hope to continue supporting Yafa house by providing treatment, medicine, clothes, books, and resources for recreational activity. We hope that you can support us to support them. Your donation will make a big difference.

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